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Boosting Sales Through Innovation




Häagen-Dazs Shoppes (HDS) sought to update their illuminated “Art Shelf” merchandising light boxes and menu board with new state-of-the-art digital signage. HDS recognized the benefits of new and exciting digital signage technology for both operations and boosting sales in their locations. Further, HDS required the ability to update all of the content on both the merchandising displays and menu boards in their network in real time from a central location. HDS also sought to display high-definition animated product images to draw customers’ attention and generate interest in the products displayed.


Everbrite accepted the challenge and developed exactly what Häagen-Dazs desired, a dynamic digital signage system comprised of four (4) high-definition 47″ LCD Displays to replace the eight light boxes. The new digital signage system allows HDS to display high-definition animated product images that can easily get updated via the Internet. Everbrite created a 47″ LCD digital sign with a dynamic web-based menu providing the franchise the latest in digital technology for total flexibility in both item selection and price setting. A new Häagen-Dazs Shoppe recently opened in New York and this new location experienced a 20% sales boost in the Dazzler product line over other store grand openings. The Dazzler product line was featured on two of the four new displays from Everbrite.